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it is the theory which decides what can be observed – einstein

Derivatives Ban?

Posted by ecoshift on May 16, 2010

Someone to keep an eye on… interesting that her success in the primary depends on her hanging tough on curtailing Wall Street excess… is financial reform the new middle ground in right / left politics?

Blanche Lincoln Finds Few Allies on Derivatives Ban –

“antipathy is directed at a proposal from Senator Blanche Lincoln, Democrat of Arkansas. She wants banks to get rid of their lucrative derivatives operations because they played an outsize role in the financial debacle. And when Wall Street needed a rescue, Mrs. Lincoln says, taxpayers should not have had to bail out bankers’ bad bets. ”

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2 Responses to “Derivatives Ban?”

  1. You miss the point.

    Blanch Lincoln wants this to lose too, she just wants the coup de grâce to be delayed until after the primaries.

    For her, it’s just incumbency protetcion theater.

  2. ecoshift said

    I didn’t think she wanted it to succeed. My point was that popular opinion pushed her to pretend…

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