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Elizabeth Warren on the bailout, the future of the economy… and more

Posted by ecoshift on March 16, 2010

Very refreshing plain English evaluation of the financial industry bailout…

And on the future of the economy…

Go Elizabeth…

Click here for the full interview…


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Beijing studies severing dollar peg

Posted by ecoshift on March 8, 2010 / China / Economy & Trade –
Beijing studies severing dollar peg
By Geoff Dyer in Beijing
Published: March 6 2010

China’s central bank chief laid the groundwork for an appreciation of the renminbi at the weekend when he described the current dollar peg as temporary, striking a more emollient tone after months of tough opposition in Beijing to a shift in exchange rate policy.

Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China, gave the strongest hint yet from a senior official that China would abandon the unofficial dollar peg, in place since mid-2008. He said it was a “special” policy to weather the financial crisis.

“This is a part of our package of policies for dealing with the global financial crisis. Sooner or later, we will exit the policies.”

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