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democracy now: korten’s agenda for a new economy

Posted by ecoshift on March 29, 2009

Message to David Korten:
Your basic thesis makes sense. I agree with many points in your deconstruction of the current system.

And many, many people are struggling to implement localized sustainable business enterprises: farmers markets etc. Yet competing with purveyors of “phantom wealth” remains difficult if not impossible.

The neoliberal washington consensus has delivered an acknowledged and spectacular failure of unregulated markets.

Someone needs to articulate recommendations for specific policy frameworks that enable sustainable business models to compete effectively in well regulated markets that more closely reflect Adam Smith’s original vision.

If you want to be taken seriously, this is the moment: make specific policy recommendations that can be implemented today — in the current political and economic context.

Please. More detail.


Democracy Now! | David Korten:
“Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth”

As President Barack Obama reveals more details of his $825 billion economic stimulus plan, we turn to David Korten of YES! Magazine. In his new book, Korten argues that the nation faces a monumental economic challenge that goes far beyond anything being discussed in Congress. He writes that now is an opportune moment to move forward an agenda to replace the failed money-serving institutions of our present economy with the institutions of a new economy dedicated to serving life.


One Response to “democracy now: korten’s agenda for a new economy”

  1. outoftownerDSR said

    That was a fascinating conversation. I have to say it feels good to know that SOMEONE shares my viewpoint on economics. I have never understood how the stock market has anything to do regular people, until it starts going down and regular people start getting fired by jittery CEOs.

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