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China seeks export carbon relief

Posted by ecoshift on March 16, 2009

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment |
China seeks export carbon relief

China has proposed that importers of Chinese-made goods should be responsible for the carbon dioxide emitted during their manufacture.

China’s top climate change negotiator, Li Gao, said his country should not pay for cutting emissions caused by the high demands of other countries…

Fair deal?

China’s latest suggestion would see its own huge export sector be exempted from any new treaty.

Beijing argues that rich nations buying Chinese goods bear responsibility for the estimated 15-25% of China’s carbon emissions that are created by its production of exports.

“It is a very important item to make a fair agreement,” Mr Li said in Washington.

He argued that it was unfair to put the highest burden on China.

“We are at the low end of the production line for the global economy,” he said.

“We produce products and these products are consumed by other countries, especially the developed countries. This share of emissions should be taken by the consumers but not the producers,” he said.

Mr Li also criticised proposals by the US to place carbon tariffs on goods imported from countries that do not limit those gases blamed for a rises in global temperatures.

“If developed countries set a barrier in the name of climate change for trade, I think it is a disaster,” Mr Li said.


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