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Wireless Conundrum

Posted by ecoshift on December 30, 2008

The Wireless Conundrum
John C. Dvorak – Columns by PC Magazine

“With all the headroom in an 802.11n connection, I see no reason why someone cannot segment a 50-Mbps chunk of connectivity (along with a slice of the Ethernet connection) to provide a public-service open channel for neighbors or passers-by. If it were totally firewalled off from the main network and equipped with a bandwidth cap to prevent abuse, we could be running a more efficient Internet economy. And it would entail something that the big phonecos and everyone else has been lobbying against: sharing. Neighborhood or community sharing in particular, just because it is a good thing to do.

While I currently keep my own system walled off (as mentioned above) I would gladly give away some bandwidth if it can be done safely.

There are too many corporations out there with no sense of community whatsoever. They would just as soon gouge their customers with the excuse that the shareholders demand it. “Doing it for the shareholders” usually translates into fat bonuses for the top executives.”


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