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How about that Irish Referendum…

Posted by ecoshift on June 15, 2008

Bureaucracy: 0
Democracy: 1

Reminds me of that great Dana Fradon New Yorker cartoon:

realists vs idealists

When Irish noes are smiling after referendum on European Union’s Lisbon Treaty – Telegraph
By Christopher Booker
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 15/06/2008

Seven years ago, Europe’s leaders decided that, as the consummation of their great “project”, they would draw up a Constitution for Europe. After extending its powers for nearly 50 years, often by subterfuge and deception, the European Union could emerge in its true light on the world stage, as an all-powerful, supranational government.

Then came that shocking moment in 2005 when the constitution was thrown out by the voters of France and Holland. The EU’s leaders were stunned, and bemused as to what to do next.

Then, last summer, they came up with a breathtakingly bold plan. They would rearrange the contents of the constitution in a way that made it virtually incomprehensible, omit the provocative references to a constitution, and railroad it through their parliaments without risking any more referendums – except for the only country, Ireland, whose constitution made one unavoidable.


Then came that Irish referendum, the one detail that the EU’s political class had not been able to stitch up. At the last minute, a tiny portion of the peoples of Europe had, once again, been able to speak up, in a way denied to all the rest. Again the leaders were stunned – but this time they were ready.

In coming days we shall see the degrading spectacle of them wheeling out their long-prepared formula for ignoring the Irish verdict, and imposing their constitution-by-any-other-name regardless. The European project will be revealed for what it has been all along: a mighty system of state power, run by the political class with lofty contempt for the people it rules.

But at least we shall be able to remember that vote by the people of Ireland, as a last glorious gesture of Europe’s dying democracy, before it is blotted out by the subtlest and most audacious coup d’état in history.


2 Responses to “How about that Irish Referendum…”

  1. Anonymous said

    Not this thread, but thanks for trying to educate the masses on the effects of growing pot on house/rental values.

    I think we agree–House prices went up because of cheap credit(debt). Now they are falling but the pot grows and their economic effects are retarding the correction. This is a bad thing.

    We on the same page?


  2. ecoshift said

    You’re welcome.

    Close to the same page. I agree with this: “House prices went up because of cheap credit(debt).”

    But, I don’t know that this is a fact: “Now they are falling but the pot grows and their economic effects are retarding the correction.” Though it makes sense, I’m no expert. After all prices are falling.

    Mostly I’d like for people to think clearly and move beyond ideology and abstract theory on development/land use issues. Building into a declining real estate market will have negative consequences.

    I’d like to see housing come in line with median incomes. But, I don’t mind if median incomes rise as part of that equation. I’m not into bailouts. But, I’m also not hoping for a precipitous decline/crash that will put many homeowners underwater. Watch out for unintended consequences.

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