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Municpal Solar – a step in the right direction?

Posted by ecoshift on April 17, 2008

8) Here’s an item that makes some sense… 10 acres, 1000 homes. A couple hundred acres would go a long way towards insulating HumCo from energy price hikes as oil threatens to blow right by 100 a barrel and settle somewhere to the north of 110. (Oil breaks $115 after US stocks fall -Financial Times April 17th) I wonder if cows can graze under ’em.

Municipal solar could help make local businesses competitive and free up a bit of spending money for the rest of us… a rational economic stimulus.

Maybe Schatz Energy Lab should do the math for the county…

Municipal Solar Power Plants
April 16, 2008

Nanosolar Blog post: Posted by Martin Roscheisen, CEO

At Nanosolar, we believe very much that meaningful scale for solar will come foremost from utility-scale solar power plants, in particular from municipal solar power plants of 2-10MW in size. These are rows of solar panels mounted onto the ground of free fields at the outskirts of towns and cities, feeding power directly into the municipal electricity grid.

A 2MW municipal solar power plant requires about 10 acres of land to serve a city of 1,000 homes — that’s acreage generally easily available at the outskirts of any city of such size in even the most developed countries. Similar for a 10MW plant for a city with 5,000 homes: This would require five such lots.

Municipal solar power plants are an avenue for delivering a GigaWatt of power in a state through one solar farm each in a few hundred cities — local to where the power is needed — as opposed to constructing a new coal-fired or nuclear plant. They can also be deployed very rapidly. (It takes 10-15 years to get a new coal plant done; a solar plant can be done in 12 months — provided no administrative blocks exist).”


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