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Trees Are At Heart Of Talks On Climate

Posted by ecoshift on December 8, 2007

Trees Are At Heart Of Talks On Climate –
Compromise Proposed To Save Tropical Forests

By Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, December 9, 2007; Page A01

As 12,000 people gathered in Bali this week to begin framing a global response to Earth’s warming climate, efforts to close a deal that would slow destruction of tropical forests appear to be the best prospect for a concrete achievement from the historic assemblage.

But the deforestation issue is also Exhibit A for the disputes that have made climate negotiations lengthy and divisive despite widening agreement that global warming is real and largely man-made. While scientific dispute over what causes global warming has ended, the debate over how to address it has just begun.


One Response to “Trees Are At Heart Of Talks On Climate”

  1. euandus2 said

    Even letting the debate continue, when our species may hang in the balance, says something about us. I argue that there is a certain presumptuousness surrounding our approach to how we are addressing global warming that goes well beyond simply having a short-term perspective. What if the cockroach has a more sustainable position? I recommend the following post:

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