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World Energy Outlook 2007: vigorous, immediate and collective action crucial

Posted by ecoshift on November 8, 2007

Yet, another call for the capacity to cooperate…
Here’s link to the World Energy Outlook 2007 report. | Transcript: Interview with International Energy Agency chief economist Faith Birol

FB: “We want more action, instead of more targets and more meetings and more talks.”

EC: “And, we really need that action right away?”

FB: “Exactly, right away and in a bold manner.”

The End of Oil is Upon Us. We Must Move On – Quickly – Autopia from
By Chuck Squatriglia
November 07, 2007 | 6:30:33

If there are any lingering doubts as to whether the age of oil is nearing its end, the International Energy Agency has put them to rest and made it clear that only a massive and immediate investment in sustainable energy will prevent a global crisis.

The agency states in no uncertain terms in its annual World Energy Outlook that “alarming” growth in worldwide energy needs will within a generation threaten energy security, accelerate global climate change and possibly bring worldwide shortages and conflicts.

It’s an unusually pessimistic view from an agency that has long said oil production, with trillions of dollars of investment, could meet rising energy needs. But the explosive growth of China and India has caused a seismic change in thinking at the IEA, which says we must move swiftly, boldly and decisively beyond fossil fuels if we are to avert a crisis.

“All countries must take vigorous, immediate and collective action to curb runaway energy demand,” Nobuo Tanaka, head of the IEA, said. “The next ten years will be crucial for all countries… We need to act now to bring about a radical shift in investment in favor of cleaner, more efficient and more secure energy technologies.”


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