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oil, china, iran and alternatives to fossil fuel

Posted by ecoshift on October 31, 2007

Given the current sanctions and saber rattling about Iran I found the following few articles interesting. Turns out China has been helping Iran develop a major oil field since 2006 and gets at least 10% of their oil from Iran.

As China’s oil consumption has doubled in the past ten years looks like China has been busy: oil pipelines extend into China from and through Russia as well as Turkmenistan, Kazakstan, Pakistan, India and Myanmar.

Naturally China sees a heightened national interest in the Gulf states so it’s selling weapons as well as buying oil.

In addition, Iran is now willing to accept yen in exchange for oil and Japan is making the move.

So, here’s my vote for irony of the day: The US is spending billions jockeying for position in the middle east and central asia in order to feed our still growing demand for gasoline in the US. So, it follows quite naturally that GM is opening an $250 million R&D facility in China to help China reduce China’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Makes perfect sense. That way there’s more for us. What’s good for GM, is good for the country.

I’m not making this up.


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