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Wireless Network Opened To Options if Not Firms

Posted by ecoshift on August 1, 2007

While this is a step in the right direction, I personally hope the Google buys out the whole spectrum and follows through on its rhetoric to become the spectrum wholesaler of first resort…

Anybody got an extra 10 billion or so to add to Google’s auction fund?

FCC Approves Airwave Use For All Phones –
Wireless Network Opened To Options if Not Firms

By Kim Hart
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 1, 2007; Page D01

Consumers will be able to use any cellphone and software they want on a network built on airwaves to be auctioned early next year, according to rules approved yesterday by the Federal Communications Commission….

The vote was a partial victory for consumer advocacy groups and Internet companies such as Google, which wanted rules that would allow consumers to use a variety of devices on a network. But those groups also sought more-ambitious rules that would open the network to third-party companies. That measure did not pass. Creating an open network would mean companies like Google would not have to arrange with wireless carriers to make services like Web search and online video available, as they do now.

Wireless Tech – Will Open Wireless Jump-Start Innovation?

August 1, 2007 3:20PM

Kevin Martin, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, compared it to Goldilocks and the Three Bears; he was referring to compromises made by the FCC as it set ground rules for an auction of a huge, valuable swath of airwaves for providing mobile-phone services. In the children’s fairy tale, Martin joked during a July 31 hearing, every bear has something to complain about. “I only hope we are closer” to pleasing all sides, he said.


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