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Lobbying Intense As Google Seeks To Open Market

Posted by ecoshift on July 30, 2007

As the owner of a cell phone whose bluetooth capabilities were disabled by verizon, a dual boot XPpro/Ubuntu PC and a regular user of Open Office my hat is off to Google for this attempt to loosen, or should I say unlock, the strangle hold the major cell carriers have on innovation in wireless markets.

Go Google.

FCC to Rule on Wireless Auction –
Lobbying Intense As Google Seeks To Open Market

By Kim Hart
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 30, 2007; Page A01

The Federal Communications Commission will set the rules tomorrow governing the auction of $15 billion of public airwaves, a decision with stakes so high that the major U.S. cellular carriers and Google have spent millions of dollars on a lobbying campaign in an attempt to influence the outcome. The decision could dramatically alter the nation’s cellphone industry.

Google, the giant Internet search company, wants to extend its popular tools, which include e-mail and video, to the rapidly expanding mobile phone market. To do so, it may spend billions to build a new, open network it says will loosen the grip telecom operators have over how consumers use their cellphones.”


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